Application of Space Technology in Agriculture by Smart AgriPost

Special edition on 50 years of Remote Sensing in India

Souvenir cum Abstract Volume

ISPRS-GEOGLAM-ISRS International Workshop
(18-20 Feb 2019)

Technical Programme

ISPRS-GEOGLAM-ISRS International Workshop
(18-20 Feb 2019)

Basics of Remote Sensing

Dr. Shibendu Shankar Ray

Use of Vegetation Condition Index For Rice Yield Forecasting

Sunil Dubey, Ashutosh Gavli, Sumant Diwakar, Neetu and S. S. Ray

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing of Agriculture

R. N. Sahoo, S. S. Ray and K. R. Manjunath

Use of Remote Sensing Data for Drought Assessment: A Case Study for Bihar State of India during Kharif 2013

Karan Choudhary, Inka Goel, P. K. Bisen, S. Mamatha, S. S. Ray, K. Chandrasekhar, C. S. Murthy and M. V. R. Seesha Sai

Assessment of hailstorm damage in Wheat Crop using Remote Sensing

S. K. Singh, Rajat Saxena, Akhilesh Porwal, Neetu and S. S. Ray

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing: Opportunities, Status and Challenges for rapid Soil assessment in India

B. S. Das, M. C. Sarathjith, P. Santra, R. N. Sahoo, R. Srivastava, A. Routray and S. S. Ray

Understanding Crop Growing pattern in Bardhaman District of West Bengal using multi-data RISAT I MRS data

Neetu, Meghavi Prashnani, Dhiraj K. Singh, Rakesh Joshi and S. S. Ray

Operational Semi-physical Spectral-Spatial Wheat Yield model development

R. Tripathy, K. N. Chaudhary, R. Nigam, K. R. Manjunath, P. Chauhan, S. S. Ray and J. S. Parihar

CHAMAN: a National Level Programme for horticultural Assessment & Development

S. S. Ray, S. Mamatha, K. R. Manjunath, Uday Raj, M.V.R. Sesha Sai, K. K. Singh, M. M. Kimothi, J. S. Parihar and Mamta Saxena

Hydro-meteorological Aspects of Tropical Cyclone Phailin in Bay of Bengal in 2013 and the Assessment of Rice Inundation due to Flooding

Kamaljit Ray, M. Mohapatra, K. Chakravarthy, S. S. Ray, S. K. Singh, A. K. Das, B. A. M. Kannan and B. K. Bandopadhyay

Semi-physical Approach for Sugarcane Yield Modeling with Remotely Sensed Inputs

G. Chaurasiya, Shalini Saxena, Rojalin Tripathy, K. N. Chaudhari and S. S. Ray