KISAN (C[K]rop Insurance using Space technology And geoiNformatics)

A new project, KISAN was launched on 5th October 2015 by the Hon’ble Minister of State, Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Dr.Sanjeev Kumar Balyan. The project envisages use of high resolution remote sensing data from satellites and UAVs for optimum crop cutting experiment planning and improving yield estimation. The study is also being conducted to evaluate a remote sensing based index for index based insurance

  • Currently, The study was conducted in 4 districts in the 4 states (one in each state) during Kharif season for Rice and cotton crop. During Rabi season 2015-16, the study is being conducted in 8 districts in 4 states (two in each state) of India for Wheat, Rice and Rabi Jowar crop. The states are Haryana, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh
  • In each district, CCE (Crop Cutting Experiment) sites were generated based on various remote sensing data (both optical and microwave) derived parameters, such as sowing /transplanting date, Biomass, NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index), Leaf Area Index (LAI), LSWI. Approximately 250 CCEs were conducted in each district through State Agriculture Department/service provider and these CCEs were supervised by MNCFC along with partner organizations.
  • The CCE data were analyzed to understand the minimum number of CCEs required for getting block level yield with defined accuracy level.
  • High resolution remote sensing images were collected by flying UAV/Drone over an agricultural area of 10 sq km in the Nilokheri block of Karnal district of Haryana, Raichur Block of Raichur District in Karnataka and Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. The aircraft and the camera were hired from NECTAR, DST. It was a fixed wing aircraft with a multispectral camera. Simultaneous field observations of crop parameters were carried out.